River Kwai 2 Days

On this tour  that can be done from Bangkok, Pattaya, Jomtien, Hua Hin and more, you will experience a broad variety of the things Thailand have to offer.

On this tour we will go to the city of Kanchanaburi which is located about 200 km. west of Bangkok here we visit some of the places that became known after the well-known movie "The bridge on the River Kwai"

We use these two days both to experience the vast nature and some of the sights from WW II.

See the program for more details of this tour

Day 1.

Pick up time at the hotel is 06.00 to go to Kanchanaburi province. We start with visiting Kanchanaburi War Cemetery  which contains the remains of 6782 war prisoners who lose their lives during the captivity of the Japanese Army the force them to build the railway.  After that we take a walk to Kanchanaburi train station and take a train to Thamkrasae Station.  (Remember to sit on the left side to experience the good view)

After having lunch at Thamkrasae station .

We will be at Hotel at about 4 pm for some relaxation before dinner.

Dinner is served at 7 pm.  

Day 2.

Leave hotel at 08.00 to visit Hell Fire Pass. After that we continue to River Kwai Bridge where you take a walk on the original bridge.  From the bridge take long tail boat to JEATH Museum.

You will have a chance to walk around the museum which is the copy of the bamboo hut where the Allied Prisoner used to live in.  You will see pictures, paintings, and things from 2nd world war.

Lunch is served in Kanchanaburi town. After lunch we leave Kanchanaburi back to Hua Hin. 

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