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hua hin Thailand


231 kilometers south of Bangkok is Hua Hin, which is translated directly from the name in Thai means “Main Stone”. In Hua Hin you find Thailand’s oldest beach resort and it continues to be a very popular holiday destination for both tourists and Thais alike. Gorgeous, white sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere not easily found elsewhere in the country, continues to attract visitors who seek a peaceful and quiet place to unwind.

The city was originally known as "Ban Samor Rieng” or”Ban Laem Hin” (”the rocky town”), but with the construction of a station for journeys going south under King Rama VII, Hua Hin became very different from the other fishing villages in the country. However, it was the extension of the building by King Rama VII Summer residence ”Klai Kang Won” (or "far from all worries") which forever changed it into a very popular destination for the public as well as the Thai Royal family. Even today the Thai Royal family is a natural part of Hua Hin as they have chosen this place as their residence most of the year.

Hua Hin became famous with the opening of the railway hotel (today known as Sofitel Central Spa & Resort). It is an elegant hotel built in the English colonial style. At the same time Thailand’s first golf course was created (today called “Royal Hua Hin Golf Course").

A selection of royal and prominent guests has visited Hua Hin over the years which transformed Hua Hin into a quiet and pleasant holiday destination. Furthermore Hua Hin is now one of Thailand’s most visited cities where you can enjoy the sea, golf, shopping and so forth.

Hua Hin is a well established beach destination with first class facilities combined with the friendly Thai hospitality. Despite the rapid growth the city has gone through, the heart and soul of Hua Hin remains the same – and where you can still visit the old railway hotel etc. The city is so peaceful and calm which makes it quite unique.

In February 2006 a new chapter began in the history of Hua Hin as the companies Tesco Lotus and Home Pro opened the “Market Village” which attracted people from every where. The “Market Village” includes shops such as a Tesco Lotus supermarket, Home Pro DIY, Grand Cinema, Grand Bowling and more than 200 shops and restaurants.

Outside Hua Hin you find among other things 2 national parks, 8 golf courses, 5 elephant parks, 2 royal Summer Residences etc.

All of this makes the city a very special place and an absolute must for people who would like to visit Thailand.