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Krabi is not far from Surathani and offers a lot of beautiful nature and experiences on your holiday.

During the last couple of years, more and more people visit Krabi. This is very understandable as the place offers unique nature which you only find in a couple of places in the world.

Around Krabi one limestone rock raises one after the other out of the water. This is a familiar sight to those who have been so lucky as to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Along the beaches in the Krabi area, you find one beautiful resort after the other in which you can relax and enjoy the southern summer sky.

There is plenty to experience when you are in Krabi. You can go the Phi Phi islands or to the James Bond Island. However, there is also plenty to see inland with many beautiful national parks with hot springs and picturesque nature. Also don’t miss a trip to the Crystal Cave when you visit Krabi.

In Krabi you find Ao Nang, a new area which has been built. Here you find new and modern resorts and cozy hotels – all in the pricier end of the market!

Krabi is somewhat more expensive that northern Thailand and is similar Phuket but is still relatively cheap. However, we recommend that the majority of shopping is done in Bangkok either before or after your visit to Krabi.