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Chiangmai Thailand

Chiang Mai, called “the Rose of the North”, is situated about 800 kilometers north of Bangkok and is considered by many people to be the capital of Northern Thailand.

Chaing Mai offers numerous adventures ready to be explored.

Chiang Mai is known for its many attractions such as theelephant camps which are found in the hilly landscape around the city. In most elephant camps you can see the elephants doing various tricks and you can definitely get a ride through the wood/ jungle which surround the elephant park.

Another thing to explore in the hilly landscape close to Chiang Mai is one of the many hill tribes who live here. Several of the hill tribes in these mountains live more or less secluded from the world, but you can also find hill tribes that open their home to visitors. From some of the trekking trips, from Chiang Mai, you can even stay with one of the tribes for one or several days and live as they do. It is worth noting when going on these trekking trips that you must be generally fit and in good health, have no problems with heart, back or knees. Pregnant women are advised not to go trekking as it is considered unsafe.

One of the most famous hill tribes who live in the area near Chiang Mai is the so called Longnecks, who belong to the Karen hill tribe. They have special bronze spirals around their necks which enable the neck to become extremely long compared to what is normally possible. Please be aware that some of these tribes can seem very commercial and will try to sell you anything.

Another good place to visit is a little handicraft village just outside Chiang Mai called San Kampheng. In the village you find all forms of workshops and factories where they produce everything from bamboo umbrellas to silverware and teak furniture. Please be aware that not all places give you a good price.

Don’t just sit around in the evening in Chiang Mai, the city has plenty to offer – anything that takes your fancy.

When you are in Chiang Mai you should see the Kantoke-show. It is a north Thai folk festival where you sit at small tables on the floor and eat a traditional, north Thai menu whilst being entertained by dancers performing various north Thai folk dances and a couple of dances from Ramayana or Ramakien. The show takes about two hours, and do take the time to find out who offers the best show. There are large differences on show and food – even if the price is the same. You are naturally welcome to contact us on and inquire which of the kantoke places the best at a given point are in time.

Another thing not to miss if you are in Chiang Mai is the big night market. The street, in the outskirts of the old city, is changed every night when the pavement and the neighboring streets become a sizzling market offering everything under the sun. The street is about 800 meters long with stalls on either side of the road, so it takes time to work your way through.

Another place you should visit if you are there at night is the”Simons Cabaret Show”,or” Lady Boy Show” (transvestite show). The shows are incredibly well staged and done with a high degree of professionalism.

There are many things to be said about Chiang Mai; however, it is best to visit the city yourself. Do remember to allow plenty of time. Chiang Mai is not a city that can be seen in a couple of days. You can easily spend your entire holiday without running out of things to see or do. The only drawback of the City is its 850 kilometers drive from a proper beach.

You find excellent connections from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, Lampang, Sukhothai, Mae Sai, Bangkok and Laos.